You are not too old

You are not too old

2020, Apr 25    

You are not too old.

I don’t care if you’re 3x, 4x or 6x, you are not too old.

You can start over any time you want, you can learn anything you like, there is nothing stopping you but yourself.

Think you don’t have time?

Whatever you want to do, there will be people that will do the same thing that are not yet born.

You have at least 25 years to out-compete them.

Just start at your pace.

You can do it, you can change.

Everybody started somewhere. Think about all the great things humanity has achieved. It’s so much easier to start anything than it was ever before.

Keep going, it’s not over until you convince yourself it’s over.

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It can get so much better, we just have to continue fighting for it.

I believe in all of you star-eyed lunatics.