Cosmic predicament

Cosmic predicament

2021, Jul 24    

There is a synonym for the word “life” in Polish language that I really like - “kosmiczna chujnia”. “Kosmiczna” means “cosmic” and “chujnia” is the place between your genitals and your butthole. I think it describes our predicament well, and that’s no joke.

From the right perspective out life is truly amazing - a grand spectacle of phenomena on a scale that we cannot comprehend. We are squeezed into this tiny fragment of this world and from time to time we are bewildered even by our capability to be aware and observe the outside world. And then comes the realization that is that we spend 50 or more years of our life doing the same menial things and all that exiting stuff is meaningless to us. We are given this one shot at life and it’s a drag.

Some of us dream of something bigger until the end of their lives, some give up earlier, but we all are suffering. If someone is unkind to you, if someone angers you, just try to remember that it’s most likely not about you. He probably does not even note your existence, he just wants to have an outlet for his suppressed suffering.

When I was younger I thought that people are mean to me because I’m inadequate. There is something wrong with me, there is something that I’m missing. The more I developed myself, the more I gained, the more puzzled I was that nothing changed. People are still nasty, it’s just that now they wear better clothes and they think they are smarter.

In the grand scheme of things it’s the same. Dukkha is never-ending. We believe that humanity will surpass itself one day and it will solve all of our problems. So far technological progress has brought as many, if not more, problems that it solved. We are coming up with more and more complicated cases and eliminate people that fall behind. I think that the more advanced we are, the more suffering we can bestow upon us. Neo-homo-sapiens^3 will be a miserable creature.

Remember that you can always stop. You don’t have control over the outside world, you don’t have control over how people react to you, but you have at least partial control over how you react to them. Be humble, be strong, don’t let other people dictate your reality.